For this body of watercolours on paper, I’ve used washes and layers to create gentle restful landscapes. Like most of my work, they are not paintings of particular places, more remembered and imagined landscapes and experiences.
As I worked on this collection though, a certain theme emerged. I found myself using soft layers of watercolour to recreate colours and shapes as seen through mist and soft rain. I do love that feeling of gentle rain on your face, and the way everything becomes atmospheric. As such, I've named the pieces using old words for types of rain.

Watercolour is probably my favourite medium, I love its’ delicate and translucent quality and enjoy manipulating the balance between control and un-control, allowing the paint to pool, bleed and granulate. For me, the process is almost as important as the initial inspiration. Watercolour particularly, gives you the ability to be spontaneous and embrace the chance elements in the piece.